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Seeking ultrafast endless optical polarization control, polarization scrambling or polarimetry? Ready for 40...1000-Gb/s PDM transmission? Testing polarization-agile coherent transponders? Searching for rare polarization glitches? Great. Welcome at Novoptel GmbH!

Leveraging 2+ decades of pioneer experience, we offer tailored, complementary

  • polarization controllers (40...100 krad/s),
  • polarization demultiplexers (with polarization control),
  • polarization scramblers (10...20 Mrad/s),
  • polarimeters (100 MS/s, memory 64 MS, PDL/PMD/PER measurement),
  • laser units (≤4 lasers, continuously tunable, ultranarrow line, C&L band).

Common to all polarization-related products is the unrivaled speed. To our knowledge, Novoptel’s endless polarization trackers are at least 100 times as fast as competitor products. If you are aware of something better then please inform us so that we can correct this statement.

With Novoptel polarization controllers, you get

  • highest guaranteed endless polarization tracking speed,
  • cost-effective polarization demultiplex (e.g., in 40...1000-Gb/s PDM transponders for (D)QPSK, QAM, (D)PSK, duobinary),
  • future suitability due to bitrate-independent control signal generation.
All products are available as standalone units in a desktop case, as plug-in cards or as intellectual property cores. The hardware is optimized for small size and low power consumption.

We sell worldwide and are eager to send you a quote!