March 2017

Novoptel at OFC2017: Exhibition & Polarimetry of polarization-multiplexed signals

Please visit us in the exhibition: German Pavilion, booth 2117. Test our EPC1000 polarization controller/demultiplexer (40...100 krad/s), EPS1000 polarization scrambler/transformer (10...20 Mrad/s), PM1000 polarimeter (100 MS/s) and LU1000 laser unit!

At OFC 2017, Reinhold Noé will present the paper M3J.1, Polarimetry of Polarization-Modulated Signals Based on Polarization-Selective RF Power Detection, March 20, 2017, 4:00-4:15 p.m. This novel measurement scheme determines for display on the Poincaré sphere the main axes of PDM-QPSK, PDM-QAM, PS-QPSK and other polarization-multiplexed and -modulated signals.