LU1000 Laser Unit

Key features

  • Up to 4 lasers, tunable continuously (or in steps of 50 GHz) according to uITLA MSA
  • 17 dBm output power (or tbd), adjustable
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth (or tbd)
  • C & L band, optionally at common output
  • Optional: modulation
  • O band (or any other available) laser module, for instance in O band (DFB, 15 dBm), comprises pulse modulation with extreme extinction and usable for QKD, also available as PCB with USB.
  • Operation via control buttons or USB/SPI/LAN, Graphical User Interface, Matlab™, Octave, Python, Visual Basic, Labview™ or similar.
  • Fully compatible with EPS1000 and PM1000 for device characterization



LU1000 Laser unit with 2 (out of 4 possible) lasers