November 2016

20 ns clock cycles for EPS1000 polarization scrambler,
2 measurement ranges for PM1000 polarimeter

A newly available hardware reduces the clock cycles (updating intervals) of the EPS1000 polarization scrambler to 20 ns, half the original value 40 ns. This reduces occurring steps and smoothens the time-domain behavior. At high scrambling speeds, e.g. 10 Mrad/s or 20 Mrad/s, the polarization change speed distribution is thereby narrowed considerably and the harmonics are reduced by about 20 dB. Measured spectra can be seen in the middle of this page.

For the PM1000 polarimeter now a new hardware is available, with a second, more sensitive measurement range. The practically usable total optical power range is about +4...-40 dBm. By default it typically holds:
  Range 1 Range 2
Stokes parameter noise 3.5·10-4 rad 2.5·10-4 rad at maximum optical power +4 dBm -14 dBm
Minimum optical power -18 dBm -36 dBm
Small-signal bandwidth 23 MHz 1 MHz