Customer feedback

EPC1000 Polarization Controller/Demultiplexer

"Novoptel’s polarization tracking device EPC1000 is probably the only commercially available equipment that is capable of demultiplexing two orthogonal states of polarization with a tremendously high tracking speed (≈60 krad/s). We have evaluated extensively the EPC1000 module and have confirmed its performance to be fully satisfactory and just as claimed. Prof. Reinhold Noe and Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Koch are the well-known pioneers and leaders in this field. With their team they have achieved remarkable progress and tracking speed records over the years. I am so happy to see Novoptel offer these polarization controllers to the lightwave communication community as affordable subsystems for coherent detection."
Dr. David Tzeng, Measurement Analysis Corporation, USA,

EPS1000 Polarization Scrambler/Transformer

"We have used the EPS1000 endless polarization scrambler in our record-breaking coherent transmission experiments (see our site and it has performed flawlessly. We have particularly appreciated its very low insertion loss and its flexibility. Thanks to the EPS1000 endless polarization scrambler our recirculating-loop experimental results have become stable, repeatable and reliable."
Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Poggiolini, Politecnico di Torino, Italy