March 2019

PMDE1000: Fastest PMD emulator (20 Mrad/s)

The PMDE1000 polarization mode dispersion (PMD) emulator is ideally suited for testing coherent fiber links (400 Gb/s 80 km ZR, transoceanic links, Tb/s links, ...).

  • N+1 polarization scrambler modules (boards) EPS1000 with speeds up to 20 Mrad/s (or 50 Mrad/s) and N differential group delay (DGD) sections are integrated into one case. (Standard: 19 inch rack-mount)
  • Section DGDs can be switched (e.g., 15 ps, 50 ps, ..., or external)
  • Fully programmable (USB, LAN, GUI, Matlab, Python, C, ...)

Example: PMDE1000 with 3 EPS1000 and 2 switchable DGD sections