Jan. 2019

EPS1000: 10 ns sampling time, 50 Mrad/s scrambling speed, and 360 ns polarization-independent depolarization

All EPS1000 polarization scramblers are now available with 10 ns sampling time for increased accuracy.

The new version EPS1000-50M reaches a scrambling speed >50 Mrad/s. Moreover, built-in parameter sets can be selected for operation as a fast polarization-independent depolarizer at specified wavelength(s). Various depolarization intervals are available, by default from 960 ns down to 360 ns. Depending on depolarization interval, worst-case degree-of-polarization is typically about 0.05. See results and theory.

Waveplate speeds EPS1000-20M EPS1000-50M
QWP0 2 Mrad/s -------------- QWP1 2 Mrad/s --------------
QWP2 2 Mrad/s 8 Mrad/s
HWP 20 Mrad/s 40 Mrad/s
QWP3 2 Mrad/s 8 Mrad/s
QWP4 2 Mrad/s --------------
QWP5 2 Mrad/s --------------