July 2011

Feature article and video on top of regular paper in Electronics Letters

Electronics Letters is a peer-reviewed and highly ranked scientific Journal for electrical and electronics engineering results which merit rapid publication.

Issue 14 of volume 47, dated 07.07.2011, contains a regular paper about 100-krad/s Endless Polarisation Tracking with Miniaturised Module Card by Novoptel and the University of Paderborn. A Novoptel 100 krad/s endless polarization tracker EPC1000 was employed in the experiment.

In addition, the achievement and its techno-economic meaning are highlighted in an editorial feature article and accompanied by a video.

» Feature article (open access)

» Video from Electronics Letters or Univ. Paderborn (higher resolution)

» Regular paper

» Electronics Letters, Vol. 47, No. 14, 2011