January/August 2016

PM1000: Six new features for free; EPS/EPC/EPX1000: LAN connection

The polarimeter PM1000 now includes new features. If you wish you can load the changed firmware via JTAG yourself. The changed Graphical User Interface is likewise sent via e-mail.

  • 100 MS/s live Poincar√© sphere display in the GUI
  • Speed histogram
  • Intensity histogram
  • Intensity trigger (in addition to the usual trigger by the polarization distance from a reference polarization, which can be fixed or temporally delayed)
  • HDMI output in either 720p60 or WXGA+
  • Automated polarization extinction ratio (PER) measurement, e.g. upon PMF pulling or laser frequency tuning, with gating possibilities to blank tuning-induced polarization changes while switching frequency channels
A LAN connection is available for the communication of polarization scrambler EPS1000, polarization controller EPC1000 and their combination EPX1000 to a host computer. USB and SPI remain unchanged.

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