PDLM Polarization Dependent Loss Multimeter

Key features

  • Usage mode or extension of EPS1000 polarization scrambler, with built-in photodetector(s).
  • Polarization-dependent loss (PDL) is calculated in firmware.
  • PDL measurement interval <100 ms
  • PDL measurement range ≈0.05 dB ... >50 dB
  • Mean insertion loss is likewise determined.
  • For measurement principle and results see here.
  • Polarization scrambler function is kept with optional switch.
  • Fully programmable (USB, LAN, GUI, Matlab, Python, C, ...)
  • We are eager to accommodate special requirements.


Standard configuration of EPS1000 with PDLM function. DUT = device under test. An optical switch can be built in, which makes the polarization scrambler EPS1000 accessible without coupler insertion loss. For other possible hardware setup(s) see here.