Product types

Desktop units

  • For research and development, transmission tests, instrumentation, sensing etc.
  • Control via computer and data logging during polarization control is possible (USB).


  • These compact modules/subsystems can be integrated as daughterboards into optical systems such as DQPSK polarization division multiplex or coherent receivers.
  • The built-in FPGA can communicate with other digital electronics (SPI and if desired logic lines).

Intellectual property cores

  • Certain customers want to avoid daughterboards and integrate for example the complete polarization controller into their motherboard. To these customers an intellectual property (IP) core can be transferred.
  • IP core includes
    • specifications or schematics and layouts, including low-power ultrafast electrode voltage amplifiers, polarization error signal generation, A/D and D/A conversion, FPGA,
    • FPGA software licenses, and software changes if customer intends to use other hardware than we recommend.