Configurations of EPC1000

Standard configuration for polarization demultiplex of polarization-multiplexed QPSK or QAM signals. SMF or PMF outputs. Broadband interference between polarization channels is minimized, using photoreceivers and RF detector.

As above, but with only one output, for scenarios with high polarization-dependent loss. Two units are needed here to demultiplex both polarization channels.

Two outputs, user-supplied electrical error signal. This versatile configuration is adaptable for all special needs.

For polarized input signals (= having a single polarization). Cross-polarized signal intensity is minimized at second polarization beam splitter output. Co-polarized signal exits therefore with maximum intensity at main polarization beam splitter output.

As above, but optical switches allow bypassing of polarization beamsplitter, for use of external polarization beamsplitter. Endless output polarization control available!

More versatile than above, 3 outputs, additional electrical error signal input, LAN connection (in addition to USB, SPI, JTAG). Endless output polarization control available!

Similar to above, but for dual-polarization QPSK and QAM demultiplexing with interference detection. Endless output polarization control available!

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